Joint-Stock Company Ltd. “Vilniaus majonezo gamykla” is the leader of mayonnaise production in Lithuania offering diverse flavours of mayonnaise “Vilnius”. The successful business of the company is decided by the long-year experience and traditions roots of which are counted down to 1981. With the help of unique technology, the company has produced the first Lithuanian mayonnaise with classical flavour, 67% fat “Provansalis”, which was shortly appreciated and taken kindly by consumers.

Like most producers of the day in our country, the company was unable to offer the wider assortment to the buyers: there were only 250 g glass jars with clamped on metal lids and colourless labels in the market. By improving the production technology and taking into consideration the needs of customers, the company produced mayonnaise “Vilnius” with reduced fat content in 1993. Later on, the production of mayonnaise series with mushrooms, dill, horseradish and other additives was launched. By expanding the assortment, the company continued with searching for new solutions to improve the marketable image of production. Considering the changeful needs of customers, the packing of products into 250 g, 500 g, and 900 g glass jars with usable thread lids was started. Labels of old-fashioned design were replaced by multicolour adhesive labels. The first Lithuanian ketchup “Vilnius” was offered to consumers in 1994. At that time, packing possibilities were rather limited; therefore, this ketchup was poured out into glass jars. In 1995, packing of products of the company into 5 kg buckets was started. This novelty has attracted still more customers, as the larger package suited perfectly not only to individual customers, but also to large public catering companies. Even after mayonnaise products of other producers appeared in the market, mayonnaise “Vilnius” managed to retain the leading position.

In the same year, the company started producing a tomato sauce “Vilnius”. Not surprisingly, ketchups and tomato sauces “Vilnius” found shortly their secure position in the market. Customers appreciate the fact that only top quality raw materials are used in the production of these foodstuffs and the products do not contain any sweeteners, artificial fragrances or GMO and preservatives. In 1997, in the fair “Rinkis prekę lietuvišką” (“Choose Lithuanian Product”), mayonnaise “Vilnius” was decorated with medal “Lietuvos metų gaminys” (“Lithuanian Product of the Year”) and diploma “Populiariausias konservuotas produktas” (“Top Selling Lasting Food”). In 1999, the company launched a low-calorie mayonnaise “Vilnius” that was announced the product of the year and was given the highest rating. After modernisation of the company in 2002, mayonnaise sauces for salad and meat dishes were offered to buyers. Mayonnaise “Pikantiškas” (“Spicy”) was decorated with medal, and the part of glass packing was replaced by the modern and safe packing PET. In 2004, after introduction of the new Quality Management System HACCP, the high quality of products offered by “Vilniaus majonezo gamykla” was universally accepted. Long-year experience and sedulously upheld traditions have developed the Lithuanian flavour mayonnaise appreciated and loved by everyone that is enjoyed by consumers not only during the major holidays of the year; it enriches also an everyday table. Products of “Vilniaus majonezo gamykla” are appreciated both by customers and experts.

We are proud of being able to make boast of more than one award of our products. Our values: long-year experience, technical innovation by retaining Lithuanian traditions and their succession, and top quality standards. Namely due to these values, we succeeded in the development of peculiar flavour product named today mayonnaise “Vilnius”.