UAB „Vilniaus majonezo gamykla“ (Joint-Stock Company Ltd. “Vilniaus majonezo gamykla”) is a mayonnaise producing company with superlative experience in Lithuania. We have produced the first Lithuanian mayonnaise “Provansalis” (1981). Today, we can offer even over ten sorts of mayonnaise “Vilnius”.

Long-year traditions and their succession, history and innovation, especially attentive approach to our customers and their changeful needs as well as the supreme quality are steady uppermost values of UAB „Vilniaus majonezo gamykla“. Raw materials used by us for production are only of premium quality.

Our products do not contain any sweeteners, chemical colouring agents, artificial fragrances or GMO. We care about our customers; therefore, you will find products without preservatives in the assortment of our products. In 2012, the company resumed the production of the first Lithuanian ketchup “Vilnius” and tomato sauce “Vilnius” that do not contain any preservatives, GMO, sweeteners, chemical colouring agents, and flavour intensifiers.

Production of the company has been time and again appreciated and highly ranked both by customers and experts. The highest rating was earned in exhibitions Agrobalt, Lietuvos Metų Gaminys (Lithuanian Product of the Year) and Populiariausia Prekė (Top Selling Item). Production of our company is also exported to many other countries of the world: England, Ireland, USA, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, the Netherlands, Germany, and Russia.